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This is my newest styled bottle cutter. It is made of very sturdy aircraft aluminum, and it is used in an upright position. The main advantage of this "vertical" style of bottle cutter is that you can cut almost anywhere along the bottle. You can cut the necks, or close to the bottom - whatever you prefer. It was designed after a tool that was invented back in the 1960's by Floyd Fleming. It will cut bottles and jugs up to 22" in diameter. It will also cut small bottles small as those single shot liquor bottles or the small perfume bottles!!!

My new design for this bottle cutter has some MAJOR advantages over the original design, and other similar items that LOOK the same, and are being sold elsewhere on for more info.... 

The original design for my bottle cutter used a glass cutter with a steel (not carbide) cutting wheel that was commonly available at any hardware store for about 50 cents. Some of them had a "turret" that held 5 or 6 of these cheap steel wheels.......These are the exact same glass cutters that are sold today in the hardware stores around the world....and are being used by other "copycats" that are being sold online......The problem with their design is that they use the EXACT same type of glass cutter that we all have tried using many times before, and the problem with them is very simple really..........

They just don't work very well!!

Steel wheeled cutters have a tendency to skip when trying to create a score line, which makes for problems when you try to separate the bottle...they wear out quickly.......AND they don't last very long!!!.....

(I'm sure that if you are reading this, you have tried at one time or another to use this kind of glass cutter)

However, the redesigned tool that I manufacture uses a high quality carbide cutting wheel that is made in Germany. It is the very same cutting wheel that is used on our glass & circle cutter combo tool. It is very durable, and is replaceable if you cut a lot of glass bottles. This cutting wheel will cut approximately 1500 - 2000 bottles before needing replacement!!!

Steel wheeled cutters just cannot do this!

Because this tool is used in an upright position, you can cut ANYWHERE along the bottle, not just along the main barrel of the bottle as with a "cradle" styled bottle cutter where the bottle lays down on the cradle and cutter to create the score line.

Cut off the neck to make GREAT guitar slides!! Cut off the top and the bottom, remove the middle, then rejoin the top and bottom to make dwarf bottles that are very different!

In the book that I wrote that comes with this tool, I teach you, step-by-step, how to make drinking glasses, vases, candle holders, and many many other neat craft items.....

Use your imagination, as the sky is the limit!!!

This unique crafting tool comes complete with a tapping rod for separating the bottle after scoring, and a step-by-step instruction book that was written by someone who has been cutting glass and glass bottles for over 38 years!! The instruction book also contains many different project ideas of things to make with your bottle cutter, complete with pictures. In the booklet, I also teach you how to cut square bottles.

Make no mistake!! This tool is NOT like those other plastic bottle cutters that are being offered elsewhere online either!!!

The folks who sell them are just distributors for the product. I am the manufacturer. Chances are good that many of them have NEVER cut a bottle in their life!

So buy with confidence, knowing that you are purchasing the very finest bottle cutting tool available anywhere!!!

(For smoothing the edges of cut bottles, I HIGHLY recommend my portable glass grinder tool that I offer here on my website from time to time when I have them will smooth the edges down in no time at all)

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