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  • Manufacturer: Amazing Products USA
  • Condition: New

With my MasterPak, you get it ALL!  Tools for for sanding, and tools for reattaching cut glass if you like.....

Each tool comes with a booklet that I wrote that will teach you how to use the tool, and I also provide projects that you can make as well......

This MasterPak bundle retails for over $133.00!!! Save over 33% by buying it all at one time. My MasterPak includes all of the following: 

1 - Vertical Styled Bottle Cutter with a book that I wrote on bottle cutting

1 - Glass & Circle Cutter combo with a book that I wrote on glass cutting

1 - Glass Breaker & Tile Cutter combo tool

1 - Glass Cutter & Bottle Cutter Wheel Replacement Wheel

1 - Carbide Sanding Disk Package

1 - WonderBlade "Korner Kutter"

1 - Crystal Clear Glass Adhesive

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Price $133.86
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