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This is another of my "dual purpose" tools. It actually performs the work of 2 separate tools that you might purchase at your stained glass store. 

This tool is used to break or "run" a piece of glass after it has been scored with our glass cutter. The very steep "rake" angle of the breaker (choose the "zoom" feature when viewing pics to see a closeup of the breaker bar) allows you to break a piece of glass up to 1/2" thick, and up to 12 feet long! Regular running pliers or grozing pliers just cannot do this. If you use this tool to cut circles using our glass/circle cutter, you will be able to cut PERFECT circles, without grinding, in less than 45 seconds!! - A REAL TIME SAVER! 

This tool is also has a cutting wheel below the breaker bar that is used to do mosaics or tile work. Many first time mosaic artists start by becoming what I call a "smasher".....whereby they smash, or break their tiles or china plates. 

When you start this way, you have no control over where the material breaks. My tool scores the surface with a cutting wheel that is attached under the breaking anvil, then the breaker applies pressure to both sides of the score to get a break EXACTLY where you want it......MUCH more efficient when you want to save that certain special piece!

Tile "nippers", and other mosaic tools being sold elsewhere online just will not do what my tools will do!! 

It has a carbide cutting wheel that is replaceable. It is VERY easy to use and it will cut almost any size ceramic tile!! 

A GREAT tool for making small mosaic pieces!! It can be used to cut china plates, and, instead of "smashing" plates in a bag to break them up, you can actually cut and save small pieces (like flowers, etc).....without having to worry if they will break where you want them to when you smash them. Because this is a hand-held cutter, you can actually cut a curve with it! 

Try that with any other tile cutter! No need to use tile nippers...... 

This tool is also the very best tool BY FAR for breaking or "running" glass after it has been scored with a glass cutter.... Because of the very steep "rake" angle of the fluted breaking anvil - (click on enlarge or zoom above) - it can actually "run" a scored line up to 12 feet long!!! 

Regular running pliers or grozing pliers just WILL NOT DO THIS!!!!  

(My breaker/runner makes cutting circles out of glass a SNAP!!! - WITHOUT GRINDING!!! ........I teach how to cut circles using my glass/circle cutter and THIS breaker/runner in my booklets - see my other auctions for info) 


Each tool is BRAND NEW, and comes with a step-by-step instructional booklet that I wrote (I've been doing it for 30 years) that gives many different tips on cutting glass, tile, and mosaics.


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