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We offer a very unique combination of tools for stained glass artists as well as other craft supplies, including glass cutters, bottle cutters, mosaic cutters, and "how to" instructional booklets. To view our exciting line of products, please click on the links on the right side of this page.

Our product lineup includes many different tools for cutting regular flat glass, stained glass, tile, and different sized glass bottles. These tools are great for both stained glass artists and crafters alike who wish to create uniquely crafted items from cut glass, glass bottles and jugs, and ceramic mosaics.  

All of our tools come with complete, step-by-step instructional manuals that I wrote, that will teach you how to best use our tools, as well as lots of different and helpful glass, bottle, and tile cutting tips that have been learned from working with stained glass, glass bottles and tile for over 38 years.

In the books that accompanies each tool, I include a section that shows many different projects that can be made with our tools. 

Also, In the booklet for the glass cutter/circle cutter combo tool, and the glass cutting kit, I teach you how to cut perfect circles in less than 45 seconds using a method that I designed over 18 years ago!!! There is NO OTHER  glass cutting tools available on the market today that can do this. 

For those of you who are stained glass artists, cutting circles has NEVER  been easier or cleaner....saving you hours on the grinder..... if you use my tools, and follow the instructions that I teach in my booklet!!


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